Over 10 years ago, two families from West Michigan came together and started WMT.  It began with one owner driving a truck and the other owner building relationships and trust with a few companies who knew our combined years of experience in food service.  Oh, and a lot of determination that pushed us past our humble beginnings, mistakes, and small victories.  Today, we have a full service repair facility, two offices, and many employees and smaller carriers that we faithfully serve.  This allows us to operate with a long term, customer centric focus where integrity and service means more than short term profits.

One of our core competencies is that we have our own fleet of trucks, several smaller carriers around the country who work mostly with us, and we also have a carrier base of over 3,000 companies that we utilize to manage the ebb and flows of demand fluctuations.  Our strategy has led us to become a Top 5 carrier for several of the biggest names in the food manufacturing and distribution industries.

While we have always specialized in hauling refrigerated freight, we have grown our dry freight business significantly over the last few years.  We do multi-state peddle runs, point to point, and local runs.  We listen to our customers and react appropriately to their needs.

Another specialty is our relationships with smaller carriers across the United States.  We recognized the impending shortage of capacity and started forming alliances with the smaller carriers who were under represented.  One of the biggest food service distributors in the world recognized our abilities and as they grew and were no longer able to work with smaller carriers, they began referring those carriers to us and we were able to add them into our fold and bid lanes that only large trucking companies could cater to.