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 About us

At West Michigan Transport, we're more than just a transportation company - we're a cutting-edge provider of logistics solutions. Our advanced technology suite enables us to deliver customized and streamlined transportation services that exceed our customers' expectations. Whether it's a complex supply chain problem or last mile delivery, our team has the experience and expertise to deliver results and exceed our customers expectations.

We look forward to building a relationship with you through trust - one load at a time!

Who We Are

Since the inception of WMT, we have continually worked to set ourselves apart from the competition through our unique approach to logistics. We believe that relationships are the key to developing long lasting partnerships to promote stability and growth for all parties concerned.  This belief has become our philosophy of “Building Relationships Through Trust, One Load at a Time” and it not only extends to our customers, but also to our carriers and employees. 

How We Do it

We have built a business that relies on our own assets, a dedicated fleet of 12 trucks, an owner operator network of 70 plus trucks, a dispatch service, and a brokerage to back up our entire operation.

Results of What We do

What does this mean for our customers?  No fail loads, every time, without exception.  Creating value through our service level into the supply chain of our customers translates into increased supply chain efficiencies which in turn, helps to reduce costs and generate additional value.


At West Michigan Transport, our philosophy is simple: we don't just move freight, we move relationships. We understand that our customers' success depends on our ability to deliver their products on-time and in perfect condition. That's why we have a strict no-fail policy - we never hand a shipment back to a customer. We take ownership of every shipment and go above and beyond to ensure its safe and timely delivery.


Our values

  • Integrity - Treat everyone like we would want to be treated

  • Community – Be a positive force in our community 

  • Sustainability – Business practices that reduce the global imprint 

  • Partnerships – Developing lasting relationships with our customers and carriers

  • People – Invest in our most valuable asset, our people

  • Service Level – No Fail, Every time - Consider it delivered

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